Fun Food Machines

Do you want to add another element of FUN to your party?  We now offer Margarita, Cotton Candy and Popcorn machines.

Cotton Candy

Gold Medal Cotton Candy Machine

Gold Medal Cotton Candy Machine

Our Gold Medal cotton candy machine allows you to easily make delicious cotton candy.  This 1 switch machine will allow you to produce cotton candy quickly and effortlessly.  The days of adjusting the dial to find the right voltage for your machine are history.  Our cotton candy machines are new for 2011.  We include 1 flavor of cotton candy, and 75 sticks.  Additional flavors are available for purchase.  Our machines also come with a clear, double bubble top to keep the cotton candy in the bowl, and not on your guests.



$50/day with the rental of any bouncers.

Choose from pink, purple or blue  (additional flavors are available, please allow 10 days if ordering different flavors)

Additional cotton candy flavors available on request.

Popcorn Machines

Our Gold Medal popcorn machines produce theatre style popcorn every time.  Our premeasured popcorn kits make popping corn easy.  Simply cut open the pouch and squeeze the coconut oil bar into the kettle.  Next cut open the popcorn packet and dump the corn and seasoning into the kettle.  Turn on the mixer, and watch the popcorn pop out of the kettle.



$50/day with a bouncer rental.

Margarita Machines3311

The Crathco Grindmaster 3311 is the ultimate commercial grade frozen drink machine.  Its freezing chamber will turn your mix into a perfect frozen drink in 30 minutes.  Great for outdoor parties, block parties and holiday parties.  Stop waiting around for other machines to freeze.  Easy to operate, just pour in the mix in the top tray and it will feed into the freezing chamber.  As you dispense, the machine keeps adding new mix into the freezing chamber.  The low mix light will come on when it is time to refill the top reservoir with more mix.


$125/day with a bouncer rental