Slides and Slide/Obstacle/Combo’s

16′ Slide

16' 2 Lane rear load slide

16' 2 Lane rear load slide

Our Giant 16′ dual lane slide will be a hit at your next party or event.  Our rear loading slide boasts 2 ladders and a amazing view at the top.  This slide is 30′ in length.  For more fun, add an 18′ obstacle or attached castle for $100 more.

Saturday     $275/day

Sunday – Friday      $250/day

8′ Slide

This is a slightly smaller version of our 16′ Slide.  This slide is a 2 lane, 53' Slide/Obstaclerear loading slide that has a less steep climb for the younger children.  Riders slide down into a catch area, then exit the slide on either side.  The slide may be connected to a 22′ obstacle course for an additional $100.  Picture is shown with the optional 22′ obstacle course attached.

Saturday     $275/day

Sunday – Friday    $250/day

Tropical Combo/Obstacle

Our Safari combo/obstacle offers an exhilrating 24′ obstacle that enters our tropical combo.  Stop to bounce, then continue down the divided 2 lane slide

Saturday    $400/day, $350 4 hours53' Tropical Obstacle Course

Sunday – Friday $350/day