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Many customers ask me about deposits.  My answer is no deposits.  There are so many factors that can interrupt an outdoor party.  This past weekend is a good example.  If it is raining, it is not safe to put a bouncer out for kids to play on.  They become very slippery, and are hooked up to an electric blower.  Rain and electricity do not go well together.  I would rather a customer cancel a reservation due to rain rather than try to take delivery of a unit that they feel compelled to take, rather than lose a deposit.  Many of the vendors in Northwest Indiana charge a deposit to reserve a bouncer.  If your party gets cancelled due to rain, they offer you the option to move it to their indoor facility at no charge.  The only problem is notifying all the people that the venue has changed.  Otherwise, they hold your deposit and make you book another party to use the deposit.  That is not fair to the customer.

Book a party with us, and if it rains and is unsafe for a bouncer, bring the party indoors and substitute with a cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, or a frozen slushie machine.  The party will go on, and the kids will still be happy.  So say NO to the deposit, and keep your party date with a slightly different option such as a fun food machine!


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